GLS15 Personal Reflection

The Global Leadership Summit this year energized, convicted, and inspired me. The following ideas have been key take-aways for me:

  1. A recurring theme through both days was that the disciplines that I continue to see as important in my life, yet are so hard to stay consistent with, are critical to my health and development and must continue to be an intentional pursuit (spending time with God in solitude, music, and physical fitness). In particular, I’ve been making sure to listen to more music!
  2. Horst Schulze ( ) was probably the speaker that shifted my thinking the most. He opened my mind to the service industry and how serving should come out of truly caring about and for others. I loved learning aboutthe movement of interactions with people which includes: - Welcome within 12 feet you need to say welcome or greet someone by showing care in the eyes

  • Comply to what a guest wants from you by caring for their needs
  • say farewell

  1. I loved listening to Brene Brown ( ). Her movements of “the reckoning, the rumble, and the revolution” were a wonderful reminder on sharing the story we tell ourselves to others. She said under “the revolution” that “When we deny the story it defines us. When we own the story we can write the ending.” It was really good stuff and I’m “trying this on” in many of my relationships.
  2. Albert Tate’s message ( ) was a wonderful reminder, “The work is not about your name, it is about His name. It is not about your power, it is about His power.” I’ve found great peace in His message of relying on God and being blown away with what God can do when we simply bring Him what we have and rely on Him do the rest.

What impacted you?