Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Imagine life without




Don’t you think this is a wonderful vision for life? The way to get it, according to the billboard, is by playing the local lottery. Yes, the lottery promises a rich life without coulda, woulda, shoulda. Sadly, I know from personal experience how hollow life is when I seek happiness through money or purchasing things. My frequent trips to Goodwill is a sign of how often I have fallen into that trap.

This past Sunday, Pastor Lindsay told us about the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 21:1-3 and Genesis 22:1-14. In this passage, Abraham is asked by God to do something that is truly disturbing, offer his son as a sacrifice. Thankfully, this isn’t how the story ends. Rather, we learn that God provides a replacement sacrifice at just the right moment. The place where this happens actually gets named, “The Lord will provide.”

This is a very different way of living than what we see and hear around us. Instead of relying on the lottery to provide, we are challenged to live a life where the Lord will provide. What a wonderful reminder as we all go through seasons of challenges, change, celebrations, or course corrections. The only way I have found to live a life without coulda, shoulda, and woulda is when I have put myself in a posture of saying, “The Lord will provide” instead of believing that, “I will provide.” Over the past months, I have been particularly aware of this as I see the people God is putting in place to lead and serve at Fellowship. I’m hoping that you, as you read this, might be able to look at life and see where you need to trust in God’s provision or where you might be feeling stirred by God to meet the needs of others.

This is a life without coulda, shoulda, woulda.

  • Where in life are you trusting in your own thoughts, strength, or talent?
  • This week, where might there be a situation you could enter by saying, “Lord, I trust that you will provide.”