Check 1, 2, 3

This is something I wrote recently for the Fellowship Reformed Church eNewsletter called “Sunday’s Comin'”

This past Sunday I had the privilege of playing bass guitar as a part of the Praise Team. Participating as a musician in worship was one of the first ways I connected with the life and ministry of Fellowship when we became members over 9 years ago. Over the years my initial feelings of nervousness and anxiety have been replaced with an indescribable joy. It is incredible to think that I get to play a small part in bringing glory and honor to our God. In fact, I often tell people that I feel guilty in having the opportunity to do something that feels so gratifying.

Part of being on the Praise Team requires that we get together to rehearse. During each practice we do a monitor check. In case you don’t know, monitors are the speakers that are located on the stage by the singers or musicians. A monitor check is when the person running sound that week adjusts the various instruments and voices in the monitors so we can hear each other and ourselves. This past Sunday, one of the singers asked to have the sound of her voice increased in the monitor (since it is hard to sing the right notes if you can’t hear yourself). Jordan, our worship leader, took the opportunity to remind her and the other singers that the point is not just to hear yourself but also to hear the others in order to blend and sound as one.

As I was listening to Pastor Megan preach on the topic of unity I thought about how similar this is to what happens for singers and musicians when asking for adjustments to the monitor. It isn’t just about hearing or seeing ourselves, it is also about seeing and hearing others and then doing life together in harmony. Pastor Megan said, “When people are unified, others take notice.”

My guess is that you, more often than not, take for granted when the Praise Team is in harmony and unified. What shows up more frequently is when one instrument or voice is out of place. I wonder if, in our society, we expect people to not be in harmony and unity which makes us as the body of Christ so unique. We have the opportunity to live in unity and harmony in order to do a work that is greater than any of us as individuals.

How are your unique gifts and abilities unified with others in order for us to work in harmony toward the mission of God and our church? What, in your life, is getting in the way of unity with others? What are you hearing in the monitor?