The Lenses of Leadership – Bill Hybels

The Lenses of Leadership – Bill Hybels #GLS2016 Session 1
There are four lens’ of leadership that require the attention and are the responsibility of the leader:

  • Passion (red framed glasses): Keep passion alive in your spirit because it is infectious. Read materials that ignite passion, be around people with passion, and go to places that inspire passion.
  • Culture (shattered lens glasses): Care about people because God cares about people. Feedback is very important so don’t shy away from doing it and building it into the culture.
  • Goals (adjustable lens glasses): Watch out for too many or too few goals in an organization. Pay attention and keep adjusting.
  • Legacy (glasses with rear-view lens attached): Look at your past to see where most of your energy has been spent. Align your energy with how you want to be remembered. Start now!

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