TedXMac 2017: Mike Harris, Shifts Coming in Business and Work

Mike Harris, Shifts Coming in Business and Work

  • gap between businesses and workers is widening
  • Is it the millennial?
  • The discontent generation - highest unemployment
  • largest generation
  • least engaged
  • 3x more job changes
  • Values through the ages: - Industrial Age (creation)
  • Information Age (efficiency) - “automation allows us to automate the automaters”
  • Relational Age (outcome) - businesses will succeed if they deliver outcomes to people that they desire in their life
  • workers will want jobs that deliver outcomes that they want in their life
  • Gen X/Boomers want success, advance, independence, goals, & results Millenials and Gen Z want gifts, passion, fulfillment, and growth
  • You don’t need a new business you need a new interface that focuses on impact, passion, & beliefs. How? 1. State your passion: How do you impact the world?
    1. Align on outcomes: What’s our shared interest?
    2. Give them a voice: Innovation through risk, risk through trust – Alignment!
    3. Create advocates: Let them wear the T-shirt (employee advocates)
    4. Growth through coaching: let them drive (They will care AND it will free you)
    5. Believe: People follow people (as a leader, you must believe in what you do)
  • Doing this will allow you to outperform everyone else

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