TedXMac 2017: Meika Weiss, People-Friendly Cities

  • “Places that are made primarily for people work better than places made primarily for cars”
  • “pivot toward people”
  • Past - streets were markets and thoroughfares where people walked
  • streetcars and cars came onto the scene
  • car manufacturers pushed to remove people from the streets
  • Present - challenges with mass transit in our areas
  • being able to get around is necessary for all people
  • Keys: - People-friendly cities invest in many types of transportation - affordable to government and citizen
  • accessible to all people
  • maintain air quality and quality life
  • People-friendly cities prioritize safety over all (especially speed) - death is not an acceptable outcome of our transportation decisions (Vision 0 in Sweden)
  • People-friendly cities are willing to make change - transform communities to make streets more people friendly
  • What is next? - we know our system will change
  • our decisions now matter
  • Create a more livable community
  • Choose one thing you might engage in to support a people-friendly city

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