TedXMac 2017: Jon LoDuca, Competitive Advantage of EQ

Jon LoDuca, Competitive Advantage of EQ

  • artificial intelligence has learned how to learn
  • world is dividing between AI & EQ (head vs. heart)
  • EQ: identify own emotions, gauge others, adjust to come to common ground - it makes commerce tick
  • “We suck at being robots”
  • if our value proposition (job/business) can be reduced to an algorithm then it will face challenges
  • 2 business models - Product-based: - we have a product and let’s find a market
  • goes wide
  • share of market (loves AI and technology)
  • Client-based: - aligning around shared story and needs connecting with a tribe
  • goes deep
  • loves EQ
  • Going between the 2 business models is where business’ die
  • Laws of successful EQ companies - law 1: total authenticity - fear gets in the way
  • need to know your values and world view
  • have confidence and faith that a market exists for you
  • law 2: radical empathy - love and care about their clients
  • watch out for focusing on ourselves (imposter syndrome, future, past, and not being Here)
  • remember your mission and truly bear witness to the other human being (truly listen)
  • law 3: humbly irreverent - be irreverent to the rules and the laws that get in the way of doing the right thing
  • respect the client and solve problems in order to serve them
  • watch out for paying too much attention to the competition
  • Let’s go ahead and be empathetic to each person around us
  • break any rule that keeps us from serving people
  • “Whatever is coming, we don’t know, it will be our humanity that saves us”

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