TedXMac 2017: Jack Johnson, The Importance of Perspective

Jack Johnson, The Importance of Perspective

  • 1898’s was when the first car, “Gasoline Carriage”, came to west Michigan
  • large automotive economic platform in West Michigan (more than 150 companies in local chamber)
  • what is the next economic platform? - AES “Advanced Energy Storage”
  • more products are battery powered
  • limiting views - we currently think of batteries in a limited way, consider it more like an engine
  • there are many types of lithium ion batteries - lithium ion phosphate
  • nickel manganese cobalt
  • nickel cobalt aluminum
  • lithium titanium oxide
  • etc.
  • The market is growing to be a $40 billion and is currently growing at double digit rates
  • innovation in West Michigan from many organizations and companies with research, manufacturing, and services - Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute
  • Volta Power Systems
  • Midwest Energy Group
  • what’s next - learn – it isn’t what you have been told – look at doing things in new ways with batteries
  • invest – opportunity is everywhere – invest time and energy to look at creative applications

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