TedXMac 2017: Dirk Hughes, Bee Keeping

Dirk Hughes, Bee Keeping

  • “You can help the world by keeping bees.”
  • distinct roles of bees in a hive: - queen lays eggs
  • male drones mate
  • thousands of female worker bees do all the work: construction, repair, cleaning, defense, raising young, forging, making honey
  • benefits - honey and bees wax are useful
  • honey improves health
  • pollination of plants (food for animals and people) more bees = more food
  • bee keeping is meditative
  • how to get started (less than $500 to start with 1 hour per week per hive) - reach out to local bee keeper association (Holland area bee keepers association)
  • build or purchase an appropriate hive (top bar hive or land
  • pick appropriate location for hive and follow local ordinances
  • get bees
  • “more food, healthier lives, and a healthier planet”
  • “Help the world by keeping bees”

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