Session 7a: The Power Paradox, Ivan Satyavrata

2014-08-15 2:34 PM

  • Calcutta is an exciting place but also has people living on the street
  • How do you live with the burden of the massive need? - 1/1000 are Christians
  • large numbers of poor
  • Power - power is the potential to move reality…to make something happen
  • “leaders manage power”
  • “There is no such thing as leadership without power”
  • Paradox - A concept/reality that combines contradictory features or qualities
  • John 13:1-5 shows the power paradox - “A leader must be able to wield power, real power, in order to lead effectively. She must hat the same time be genuinely vilnerable…”
  • Types of power paradoxes - knowledge power: can fill us with pride and enslave us, - “How am I stewarding my knowledge power as a leader?”
  • scepter of power in one hand and a towel/basin in the other…are we holding both with equal strength?
  • people power: wrongly used shows as manipulation - II Samuel 23: David dumping the water as offering to the Lord
  • great leaders refuse to wrongly use influence, intimidation, control
  • create the ultimate safe place from which followers can rise to achievement and fullfillment…
  • ACT and use the kingdom power, invade the darkness, “We dare not do otherwise” James 4 – evil is knowing what to do and not doing it
  • humility combined with fierce resolve
  • we are not a single person who has to abolish all evil in the world like the terminator
  • Like Paul, celebrate our weakness and - the true secret of a great leader’s power is that when you feel the weakest, that’s when you areally are the strongest!
  • His strength is realized in our weakness
  • The power lies in jars of clay
  • lead well, finish well, leave a lasting legacy, understand that the power comes from God
  • As Jesus said, we are meek inheritors of the earth

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