Session 5b: Winning from Within, Erica Ariel Fox

2014-08-15 10:27 AM

  • “The single most difficult group to negotiate with is children” :)
  • we get in our own way which causes us to miss amazing opportunities
  • “There’s a gap…you’re performance gap” - you doing your absolutely best TO
  • what you actually do in real life in practice
  • identify your key performance gaps and come up with a plan to reduce the gaps
  • serve from the best of who you are
  • Key ideas
  • Look at yourself in a new way - “most of us think of ourselves as singular”
  • “I am plural. I am not singular.”
  • we are like an orchestra and not a soloist
  • think of these as inner negotiators – different parts of us express themselves differently and prioritize things differently
  • the big 4 people in us – our top team: - The Dreamer (Inner CEO) - creates possibilities: sets strategic vision, senses a path forward, gives direction
  • develop by: looking for the dream beneath the dream
  • The Thinker (Inner CFO) - clarifies perspectives: analyzes data, manages risk, considers consequences
  • develop by: articulate a business case, find data
  • The Lover (Inner VP of HR) - cares about people: feels emotions, manages relationships, collaborates with others, people want to know that you care about them
  • develop by: call the name and face of someone you love into your heart before a meeting and remind self to love and care during the meeting
  • The Warrior (Inner COO) - catalyzes performance: takes action, reaches goals, speaks hard truth
  • develop by: telling a hard truth lovingly that has been avoided (crucial conversation), change some ares of life where you are saying “yes” and starting to say “no”
  • Are there 1 or 2 that I use a lot? Are there other ones that I leave behind? Every one is crucial to us and our performance
  • “There is so much beauty, and impact, and influence you can have when you develop these parts of yourself.”

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