Session 5a Horst Schulze

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 5a
Horst Schulze
Creating World Class Service

  • “Ladies & Gentleman serving Ladies & Gentleman” background - started working in a world class hotel at age of 14
  • observed a mater Dei who came to work to be excellent in his profession and caring for the people around him
  • A great business - (1) keep the customer (dissatisfied – terrorists against company, satisfied – neutral customers willing to move somewhere else, loyal customers – fight for them)
  • (2) find new customers
  • (3) get value from customers
  • (4) work on efficiencies
  • Customer loyalty - your customer/guest trusts you, you have developed trust
  • giving the customer what they want is how to develop trust
  • all want three things - the product needs to be defect free
  • timeliness – super important and be super attentive to this
  • the people who give it to you need to be nice to you
  • this is the same in all businesses
  • being nice to the customer is the most important thing
  • Service – begins the instant you make contact (the first 10 seconds) – essential - Welcome within 12 feet you need to say welcome or greet someone by showing care in the eyes
  • Comply to what a guest wants from you by caring for their needs
  • say farewell
  • caring is the thing you remember
  • good service over time results in customer loyalty
  • personalized/individualized service results in customer loyalty
  • Why do we go to work? Create and be excellent – serve employees by demanding and leading to excellence
  • our role, as leaders, is to demand excellence and caring - carefully select possible candidates with a process that looks for caring
  • orientation that includes letting everyone know that no one can claim they are better than anyone else…every person and their positions are important..let people know how they benefit from what they do - we are leaders. We have forfeited the right to make excuses
  • is the direction and destination good for all concerned. If you can say no in one case, don’t do it.
  • say who you are as an organization, invite them into the dream of the organization and purpose, it is immoral to higher people just for a function.
  • the key product that we deliver and that is being produced is service to human beings. respect to human beings
  • “if it is important we need to repeat it”
  • “if you receive a complaint you then own it”
  • 24 point credo/canon
  • sustaining “come to work to be part of a purpose” “service is caring from the heart”

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