Session 4b Albert Tate

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 4b
Albert Tate
Leading with Leftovers

  • it is time to challenge the idea that we leave it all on the field of our work
  • how do you lead and still have something left?
  • let’s live for a beautiful eulogy rather than an accomplished resume
  • John 6: looking at how Jesus leads with leftovers - John 6:5 the moments Jesus asks dumb questions – he wants us to see the logic and do the math of the situation to understand the miracle when on the other side – I can’t do it in my own power - the dumb question leads to a dumb idea in a boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread
  • the power of a dumb idea - as leaders, leave room for dumb ideas so God can transform the lives of people
  • “You never know when God is going to put his hand on a dumb idea and bring transforming power.”
  • “Don’t underestimate the power of a dumb idea.”
  • do you celebrate dumb ideas?
  • Jesus does the miracle with what we bring – like the lunch the boy brings - “What does it mean to pack our lunch?”
  • The boy brings his lunch and moves out of the way - bring what we have, give it to Jesus, and get out of the way
  • often we bring what we have to Jesus and try to give him instructions
  • this is a time to discover the awe and wonder of God
  • when was the last time you were blown away with what God did in your church, home, community, or company?
  • Where in your business or leadership to you need to get out of the way?
  • They were full & they had leftovers - “What would it mean at the end of the day if you had something left?”
  • we are not limited if we surrender to our Almighty God
  • it is not about our name being great, it is about giving glory to the name of God
  • “We don’t have to live outside the promise of God in the scarcity of this world.”
  • There is power, hope, joy, and peace in being with God
  • you aught to thank him and give him praise
  • The work is not about your name, it is about his name. It is not about your power, it is about His power.

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