Session 4a Sallie Krawcheck

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 4a
Sallie Krawcheck
Leadership and Ethics on Wall Street

  • retirement savings gap/crisis
  • there is a solution that is a benefit to many
  • the retirement savings gap is a problem for women
  • there is real power in the intersection of women and money
  • diverse teams outperform other teams
  • diversity has the potential to improve ethics in business and wall street
  • the number one reason why women accept a job is meaning and purpose
  • thinking about the client first (relational focus) typically comes from females
  • this different way of thinking has value
  • diverse teams make more effective decisions (not quicker decisions)
  • diversity is hard
  • the research shows we like powerful men and not powerful women
  • the courageous conversation is to notice times when we are discriminating
  • 5 thoughts on how to grow diversity - (1) recognize that differences and disagreements are strengths
  • (2) to improve diversity we need to ask, “do we have the strongest team in place (with diversity)”
  • (3) really live our values…if you say you care about people it should show in your actions
  • (4) women are tired (hair and makeup types of things are specific to women)
  • (5) watch the micro lessons…make sure feedback is given to women in the same way as men
  • “work every day as if your children are watching you.” (They are)
  • have gratitude

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