Session 4: The Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make, Patrick Lencioni

 2014-08-14 4:02 PM

  • What are the core behaviors that cause problems for leaders
  • These are things that actually hurt people
  • Mistake #1: Becoming a leader for the wrong reason- wrong motivations–recognition, fame, money, power - stop caring about the people they are supposed to lead
  • bored
  • selfish
  • right reason: “Sacrifice themselves for the good of others even when they don’t know if there will be a return on the investment”
  • “The cost of leaders becoming leaders for themselves it is going to leave a trail of tears behind”
  • “If it isn’t servant leadership, then it is just economics.”
  • “The only real payoff for leadership is eternal”
  • Mistake #2: Failing to embrace vulnerability- this destroys trust
  • the best leaders are the ones who show their weakness
  • “I don’t think you can be too vulnerable as a leader”
  • there is a difference between competence and confidence
  • leaders want people to help them
  • “it’s tough to be someone’s pastor and manager at the same time”
  • Mistake #3: Making leadership too important- Most of time leadership is about work
  • “Our identity can get wrapped up in being a leader” – rather than focusing on being a child of God, a spouse, a parent
  • at the end of our life we don’t want to be known as a great manager
  • It’s all about PRIDE- the antidote to pride is humility
  • Jesus introduced humility as a virtue
  • we have to purify our intentions and get all of the pride out of the way
  • “Do I think my success as a leader comes from doing things well?” OR Do I think my success as a leader coms from doing what God wants me to do and ruthlessly pursuing it

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