TEDx Macatawa 2015 Session 3f: Rev. Denise Kingdom Grier

  • the songs we teach our children are about falling and breaking
  • “We need more bridges” made with stately towers and can stand strong
  • like Verrazano bridge and
  • Lake Pontchatrain Causeway
  • “many struggles come into our lives but this causeway reminds us that [even in the storms] this bridge stood still and long without any damage”
  • Mackinaw Bridge” – longest suspension bridge in Western hemisphere, cover the chasm of uppers and lowers
  • we, our children in particular, need more bridges
  • “I can become slippery when wet. When the tears fall on my chest I can find it hard to forgive”
  • “I am a flawed bridge, but a bridge non-the-less”
  • “I stand strong, unmovable, I am a bridge”
  • “I am a bridge between the upper and the lower.”
  • “I invite you to consider with your lives how we might build a bridge…build it up with what you have”
  • “be a bridge with me”

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