TEDx Macatawa 2015 Session 3e:  Jeremy Blaney, Cross-Cultural Collaboration

  • “New World” moment of navigating other cultures
  • the world has shrunk
  • cross-cultural encounters are happening every second of every day
  • 74 million people come to the United States with International Tourism
  • we encounter people from other places frequently
  • Pure Michigan has attracted millions of people
  • economic and organizational gains come from cross-cultural encounters
  • many misunderstandings happen in cross-cultural encounters
  • ways to bridge cultures - Monologue (hear it, see it): tell the other who we are, all the power is with the recipient
  • Dialogue: 2 people sitting down and talking about differences
  • Collaboration: people working together on a project, “there is no substitute for meaningful collaboration” (shared experience)
  • “You, too, have a critical role to play in bridging the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them'”
  • Emma for peace: music brings people together
  • PeacePlayers international: bring people together in love of sport
  • Youth-to-Youth Summit: meet together to address a need
  • “There is much to be gained by sailing into the winds of cross-cultural encounters”
  • “Discover a world that is different from your own and design collaborations to help others do the same”

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