TEDx Macatawa 2015 Session 3d:  Patrick Cisler & Patrick Moran, Collaboration Starts with U

Patrick CislerPatrick Moran- collaboration if done correctly is the key to overcoming life’s greatest challenges

  • collaboration starts with U
  • “We’re better together” Jack Johnson
  • collaborations at: home, work, community
  • the commonality is U
  • collaboration takes careful planning and design
  • collaboration starts with U
  • 3 UPAD Conditions —  yoU- Perspective: change your perspective, what are the perspectives needed and make sure they are represented at the table
  • Assumptions: challenge your assumptions
  • Decision-Making: fear based to opportunity based decision-making “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey
  • Collaboration starts with U
  • theUPAD with health - perspective - #1 in spending but #12 of 13 in outcomes
  • perspective is based on spending money (consumerism perspective) for sickness rather than wellness
  • assumption - frequent fliers in the emergency room — spend 4 times more time with them rather than get them in and out as fast as possible
  • decision-making - community health needs assessment
  • 3 non-profit hospitals in the area all needed to do a needs assessment and  started with a fear perspective
  • put fear aside and look at the opportunity
  • theUPAD with poverty - perspective: see that the slightest increase in wages could mean much lost in benefits (Cliff Effect) - employer/employee perspectives need to both be at the table
  • assumption: government subsidy is something we often think about as a bad thing and don’t think about tax deductions as government subsidies, think about subsidy as financial support to promote economic/social policy
  • decision-making: 1,600 registered non-profits (400 are churches), 2nd most philanthropic region in entire country, trend lines around poverty are going in the wrong direction, act in an opportunity mindset where we think about stopping some things and not just starting something new

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