Session 3B: Instigating Change through Personal Sacrifice, Bryan Loritts

14 August 2014 2:44 PM

  • Matthew 25:31-46 – a terrifying passage
  • drink deeply from the life of William Wilberforce
  • freedom of new life in Jesus against a nation making money from slavery
  • John Newton, a past slave trade person, grabbed by God (“Amazing Grace”)
  • “your vocation can be a viable venue to advance the meaningful things of life”
  • “do not relegate leadership to a theory”
  • “The blessings of God were not meant to be hoarded”
  • “Naked we came into this world. Naked we shall return.”
  • We need to share with people in need
  • In Jesus’ organization the entrance is being saved by grace through faith
  • Genesis 15: Abram – he believed God and it was credited as righteousness
  • God opened the Red Sea first for the Israelites and then gave them law
  • It’s not that we have to…we GET TO!
  • FRUIT is what shows our faith
  • Everyone should look in the rear view mirror and see that we aren’t there yet, but we are changing
  • Salvation is a mystery
  • “This text is not the root of salvation but the root of salvation”
  • God has a heart for the orphan, widow, alien, and the poor
  • We are not following God’s heart if we are not doing things to help the orphan, widow, alien, and the poor
  • leave margins in our budget to generously and spontaneously give to those in need
  • Enough? How much is enough?
  • You know what joy is? Joy is helping to pay someone’s medical bill?
  • “refuse to use the perks for your own selfish advantage”

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