TEDx Macatawa 2015 Session 3b: Chris DeVos & Jonathon Brown, Reconciliation

Chris DeVosJonathon Brown- Pillar Church (Christian Reformed Church & Reformed Church)

  • look for stories of reconciliation right on our front doorsteps
  • 1847: church was connected to the community and community to the church “log church”
  • 1850: log church joined the Reformed Church in America
  • 1857: Christian Reformed Church founded out of this church out of division with the Reformed Church
  • More division: language, schools (christian or public), songs (scripture or hymns), closed or open sacraments, masonic lodge controversy
  • 1882: Riotous disturbance in the church, majority voted to leave Reformed Church
  • small group that left sued the church
  • Reconciliation happened where the church re-joined the Reformed Church
  • things don’t have to stay separated, things don’t have to be broken
  • we see that things are not right in this world
  • what would happen if people took seriously reconciliation when it is up close and personal?
  • Book: “Reconciling All Things
  • Look at the wounds that are personal and bringing reconciliation to those as a step toward global reconciliation
  • begin to partner with those who were seen as enemies
  • 2012: Pillar became a “dual-affiliation” church
  • “your axe handles will become baptismal fonts”
  • what symbolizes separation that can now symbolize something that gives life?

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