Session 3A: The Power of Introverts — Susan Cain

2014-08-14 2:12 PM

  • ½ to 1/3 of the population is introverted
  • Harness the power of introvers as well as extroverts
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? - how do you feel after two hours at a fun party? - energized – extrovert
  • tired – introvert
  • Introverts have nervous systems that have a heightened atunement to stimulation
  • loud background noise is good for extroverts and not introverts
  • create environments that support people’s unique needs
  • “The wind howls but the mountain remains still” Confusion saying
  • there is a love and attraction when introverts and extroverts are together
  • Rethink innovation and idea sharing - creativity: mix of introvert AND extrovert
  • individuals provide more and better ideas than groups together
  • Conformity – what to do? - stop the madness of constant group work – use a hybrid approach that allows for solitude. Give people the chance to stop and write down their ideas when gathered as a group
  • forget networking – focus on service
  • restore quiet to your culture – invite the still small voice
  • rethink what makes a “natural” leader – not just extroverts - level 5 leaders (Jim Collins): fiercely devoted to companies AND shy, quiet, soft-spoken, low-key
  • What to do? - groom an “unlikely” leader
  • find your complement (another person who is good at things that you are not)
  • find a role model
  • Take a step inward and think about what is in your suitcase – introverts should occasionally take them out and share with the world
  • “May you have the courage to speak softly”

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