TEDx Macatawa 2015 Session 2b: Kevin Budelmann & Yang Kim, Business is Personal

Kevin BudelmannYang Kim- co-owners of  People Design http://www.peopledesign.com/

  • work together as a married couple
  • “industrialization has led to compartmentalization”
  • people aren’t cars, we aren’t machines, people are people
  • making connections and seeing patterns is the hallmark of this emergent era
  • People Design is a business is based on user-centeredness and collaboration
  • Collaboration, like a marriage, is more than cooperation…it requires: - thinking alike
  • thinking different
  • taking turns (it is really hard to create and edit your own work)
  • You have to have your own voice and get out of your own way
  • Being vulnerable gets you and your team to “11”
  • “Our business is our pleasure” have fun at work
  • the coming era will require new skills and deeper collaboration
  • we will have to be vulnerable enough to have relationships
  • there is no such thing as good work for a bad client
  • business is personal

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