Hard-fought leadership lessons – Bill Hybels

2014-08-14 9:35 AM

“All leadership is intensely spiritual”

  • leadership impacts the spirit of those around us
  • leaderships are visionaries to see the future before others see it
  • we paint pictures that show the future
  • “leaders with the highest level of vision and passion often have the lowest awareness of the spirit of the team” - watch out for feeling that people on the team are expendable because they don’t care enough
  • people on the team can sense when the leader doesn’t feel they care or that they are only appreciated for their work and not for who they are
  • people are more important than the vision
  • “Don’t make your people pay because you are so addicted to the vision”
  • 5 Key Commitments from Willow to turn culture around
  • use an outside objective firm (The Best Christian Workplace)
  • for the leader and executive team to own the change - “your culture will only be as healthy as the senior leader wants it to be”
  • get serious about training anyone who manages people - “People join organizations. People leave managers”
  • raise the level of candor in the twice-a-year performance reviews - every worker wants feedback on how they are doing
  • “The kindest form of managment is the truth.” Jack Welch
  • 3 Words for performance review feedback: Start, Stop, Continue
  • 3 M’s for Meetings: - Clarify what will Move ahead
  • Modify the plan for what isn’t progressing
  • Motivate people before the meeting ends (so they will levitate out of meeting)
  • Ruthless commitment to resolve relational conflict - conflict is an opportunity to strengthen relationships
  • deeper levels of trust when moving through the conflict
  • Book “Reconcile”
  • Only 54% of employees in Christian organizations are engaged in their work (30% in corporate world)

“Great leadership is by definition relentlessly developmental

  • 5 ways to develop emerging leaders (Bob Eidinger) - put in high challenge roles
  • short term task force - success or failure must be possible
  • full charge
  • variety of people
  • real pressures and deadline
  • be evaluated by senior leader (resourcefulness is the key)
  • real time feedback
  • coaching and mentoring
  • classroom courses and seminars
  • Give young leaders a chance to lead

“Finding and developing leaders with a legacy mindset”

  • 2 types of workers - Hireling Type: only doing the work but doesn’t care about the organization – long-term - personal ambition
  • personal advancement
  • Great organizations can’t be built by staff who are hireling types
  • Owner Types: actually care about the sheep - Legacy leaders will stay through tough times
  • Legacy leaders work for the long vision
  • We each only get one chance at this life (2 choices)
  • live and lead small, safe, selfishly (easy to drift into this type of life)
  • live into the grand vision God has created for us
  • “Have you given any real thought to what your legacy will be or what you will leave behind that is beautiful?”

Legacy leaders must develop endurance strategies

  • James 1:12
  • “The grandeur the vision the greater the price tag”
  • “It’s hard to hear God at mach 2”
  • Solitude allows you to hear God
  • Feel exhausted and discouraged? Humble yourself and call for help! God can make a way when there is no way. Ask Him. Psalm 34:18 “He rescues those who are crushed in spirit”

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