August 10, 2017

My 30 second summary:

  • We should be looking at people of all ages and speaking leadership into them as we see it. Help them see themselves as leaders.
  • Also, this is a time where civility is important. Talk with those around you about what civility rules you might follow in order to treat each other with respect, always. This is not a time to just tolerate each other. Rather, it is a time to seek to understand one another.
  • It is of vital importance to spend every day, first thing, in solitude in order to spend time with God and reflect on life and leadership.

Here are my notes:


Who believed in you as a leader before anyone else? Who planted the leadership sead in us?

“As leaders we must take responsibility to plant leadership seeds in young people.”

Reflect on who the people are that spoke life and leadership into us. Write them a note of thanks.

2 Challenges:

  • Thank someone who spoke into your life as a leader
  • Recommit to planting seeds in young leaders


  • Book “Mastering Civility”
  • We are near a crisis point with civility in society
  • The solution to civility issues begins with us
  • respect everyone always…we do not get to choose who we respect, all are made in God’s image
  • 10 rules for leaders
    • set the example of how to differ without demonizing
  • have spirited conversations without drawing blood
  • don’t interrupt those who are talking or dominate conversation
  • refuse to use volume or incindiary words in talking about others
  • set the example of being coureous to all
  • never stereotype
  • immediately apologize when wrong
  • be open minded and form opinions carefully
  • show up on time and do what is do
  • form rules of respect and enforce them relentlessly (write written rules of respect)
  • Don’t just tolerate each other…seek to understand each other (Randolph Stephenson from AT&T)
  • Have a conversation with your team to write rules of civility


  • Questions
    • Who?
  • When? Setting the date makes the difference and keeps things moving
  • How? How will the process be led
  • Phases
    • planning
  • internal candidate? (Higher chance of success)
  • external candidate?
  • transition
  • initial learnings
    • having a well thought plan/document is very important
  • keep journey bathed in prayer and keep personalities and politics out of it
  • when a succession plan takes too long it hurts the vision
    • hard to restructure during process
  • takes an emotional toll on the senior leadership
  • Proverbs 11:14


  • trust in God’s custom plan for my life
  • God will write a better script for my life than I can write on my own
  • there are seasons in our lives…we must be able to discern times when God is writing the ending for a particular season in our life
  • endings matter, too
  • Book “Necessary Endings” by Henry Cloud

Challenges from Bill

  • spend 15 minutes each morning to read and reflect on your life, leadership, faith, character, family, read the Bible and think about who we are becoming (chair time)…we need reflection time
  • choose an organization in the community that is meeting a deep need and get behind their work “mere financial success should bore you”
  • measure the health of your organizations culture and increase its health…it will only be as healthy as the top leader wants it to be
  • Do you have a personal betterment plan for the coming year?
  • Are you leading on the home front as well as you are leading at work

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