GLS15: Session 6 Brian Houston

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 6
Brian Houston
Resilience: One on One with Brian Houston

  • parents a part of Salvation Army up until he was 3 and dad had nervous breakdown
  • grew up in New Zeeland
  • new book coming out in September “Live Love and Lead”
  • call felt from his early years to be a preacher (Ephesians 1:1)
  • father had abused a young person and was a huge emotional hit – still a challenge to this time
  • changes in life after a panic attack and finding self in a low point - changes in way of travel
  • no more sleeping tablets
  • adding more discipline into certain parts of life
  • have risen out of the depths very quickly
  • music from Hillsong - build a church that helps others build church
  • Darlene was instrumental part of music for 15 years
  • “Music is an arrowhead for a healthy church.”
  • in most organizations who you start with is not who stays with it over time - “It is always good in leadership to take your time and invest in people”
  • Ecclesiastes 3 – you are beginning a season and we are all only hear for a season – let’s give it our best to God for the season (Bill Hybels)
  • planting Hillsong churches in many challenging cities around the world - Goal of: “Building influential churches that can impact culture”
  • building churches in various places and being themselves
  • put the right person in the right place at the right time and God does great things
  • movie about “Hillsong United” and their latest album which will be released in the near future
  • an anointing on his life that he helps people know that God can do great things – a Faith anointing - loves what he does
  • loves the Lord
  • loves people
  • keep getting up and keep showing up and God will do great things
  • longevity is the greatest strength that anyone can have for God
  • Music and leadership have a very interesting juxtoposition - leaders who carry the biggest pressure have the closest affinity to the power of music
  • many strong leaders need to listen to music for strength
  • people in evaluative position have a hunger in their soul for things like music
  • in a time of pressure listen to the same song over and over
  • “Leaders see what other people can’t see yet…these unique pressures often lead to fear.” (Bill Hybels)
  • There is no other name than the name of Jesus – we can trust in God’s word and His promises – they are beautiful and unchangeable
  • songs have a huge potential to bring healing to people
  • anointed music is often created in pain]
  • song “I’m no longer a slave to fear”
  • Psalm 68 “I will be a father to the fatherless”
  • song “you are a good, good Father”
  • song “oceans” - “so much of leadership is water walking”
  • “leaders are almost always out of sight of land” (Bill Hybels)
  • “leaders, you cannot do this journey without help from God” (Bill Hybels)
  • “It is our job to stay connected to the God who can help us do great things” (Bill Hybels)
  • we can cheer each other on through the power and blessing of music" (Bill Hybels)
  • song “through it all my eyes are on you…it is well” “It is well with my soul”

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