GLS15: Session 3a Adam Grant

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 3a
Adam Grant
Give and Take: A New Perspective on Leadership

  • What causes paranoia in an organization?
  • 3 categories of human interactions - Takers: think of every interaction as getting from others without giving back - narcassist
  • some people become takers when taken advantage of when they were givers or matchers
  • Givers: enjoy helping others with no strings attached
  • Matchers: keep an even balance of give and take
  • many of us have blind spots when we think we are givers and are actually takers or matchers…can only find out if asking others
  • takers rise quickly in an organization and fall quickly
  • many matchers gossip about takers to everyone in the organization
  • takers hate to see other takers succeed
  • givers will be in the top 25% and lowest 25% of the organization
  • givers often fail in the short run and succeed in the long run
  • recommendations - (1) get the right people on the bus – most important to keep the wrong people off the bus – keep takers off the team (in the presence of givers matchers become givers) - no correspondence between agreeability and disagreeability
  • watch out for agreeable takers
  • most people project their own motivation on others
  • you can find out a lot about people by asking them to make projections about the future and actions of others
  • (2) redefine giving - do more 5 minute favors – a micro loan
  • 100 hours a year is the sweet spot of giving (2–11 hours per week)
  • (3) Encourage help-seeking - the reciprocity ring – have everyone make a request for help in a group and have others volunteer to help (can have requests written anonymously and then have people sign their name on the request sheet)
  • Let’s start a trend to get people to be “Pro-noid” a fear that other people are wanting to help you

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