GLS15: Session 2a Jim Collins

Global Leadership Summit 2015
Session 2a
Jim Collins, Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great

  • “we are all young leaders”
  • “questions are better than answers”
  • (1) What cause do you serve with level 5 ambition? - “if you have a charismatic cause you do not need to be a charismatic leader”
  • Level 5 leaders have a unique combination of personal humility with an abominable will
  • leading with service and ambition
  • level 5 leaders inspire people to follow the cause
  • “Commitment to service is not a sector choice. It is a life choice”
  • (2) Will you settle for being a good leader or will you be a great leader? - “We are going to need great leadership through all sectors” since all sectors are networked
  • 3 key areas: - Know what must be done (and be right most of the time).
  • It’s about getting people to want to do what needs to be done.
  • It is not a science. It is an art.
  • Most great leaders started as good leaders and grew
  • “Will you scale your leadership with the organization?”
  • (3) How can you reframe failure as Growth in pursuit of a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)? - a BHAG is something that you are not sure you can actually accomplish
  • “I am not a failure. I am growing.”
  • Growth is the other side of the coin from Success.
  • (4) How can you succeed by helping others succeed? - “we succeed at our very best only when we help others succeed”
  • “let me help you”
  • This creates an incredible idea of “You are never alone”
  • Triangle (service, success, growth) - build a culture that you are willing to sacrifice for with BHAGs and communal success in order to have the idea that we only succeed by helping each other
  • (5) Have you found your hedgehog – your personal hedgehog? - living in the intersection of passion, what I am made for, and economic engine to make a living and work toward my BHAGS
  • “True creators stay in the game”
  • “If you see life as a series of hands, and play every hand to the best of your ability it leads to a powerful effect.”
  • “You have to be in your hedgehog”
  • “Real creative impact accelerates, if you choose, after 50”
  • (6) Will you build your unit – your minibus – into a pocket of greatness? - “Focus on your unit. Not your career.”
  • “Be a first who leader. Not a first what leader.”
  • “Be rigorous, not ruthless, of your hiring decisions.”
  • “Life is people.”
  • The greatest leaders know how to make a distinctive impact on people
  • (7) How will you change the lives of others? - “Life is people.”

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