My Experiences

As a child I loved to learn new things. Thankfully, my parents supported and encouraged me. My learning typically involved discovering something I wanted to explore, trying to figure it out on my own, going to the public library (no Internet–can you believe it?) and checking out every book I could on the subject, reading, and then putting my new-found knowledge to use. Here are a few fun examples:

By this point, you probably get the idea that I do like to learn. Many of those hobbies and skills have become important parts of who I am as an adult.

Computers and technology have also been a large part of my life.

More to come….

Contact Information

You can contact me by email or follow me on Twitter.

Favorite Digital Technologies

I have used many technologies over the years. In general, I favor simple over complex, ubiquitous over proprietary, challenging over easy, or inexpensive over expensive. You will see that these attributes rarely happen at the same time for any particular technology.

Favorite Analog Technologies

More to come….


I love to share what I’ve learned and try to simplify complex ideas.

 March 26, 2013 MASSP iPad Summit